IV Sedation

Ours is one of the few general dental practices in the area offering intravenous (IV) sedation.  Every patient is unique and may react differently to some medications.  In general following medications are used, midazolam(Versed), meperidine(Demerol), and diphenhydramine(Benedril).  Combination of these medications create a sense of euphoria, relaxation, and amnesia.   We serve patients with a wide range of needs including those with dental phobias, anxiety, fear of shots, and severe gag reflexes. In addition, we provide treatment to patients who seek IV sedation for the purpose of relaxation or convenience, thereby turning a stressful or lengthy appointment into a pleasant and comfortable experience.  We treat patients who have avoided seeing a dentist for decades due to past traumatic experience every week.  Most of these individuals overcome many of their hidden reservations with a single treatment using IV sedation.

Following is typical protocol for IV Sedation

1.  Preoperative visit to check vital signs, review medical history, instruction for day of procedure.

2.  Day of procedure.  Wear comfortable clothing.  Light meal is ok but no caffeine.  Patient is placed on vital signs monitor to measure heart rate, breathing rate and oxygen saturation.  IV line is started and medication is given until level of sedation is reached.  Local anesthetic is utilized.  Most patients will be extremely relaxed and some patients will be sleeping.  The main purpose of the sedation is to get the patient relaxed where they do not care about anything.  When the dental procedure is finished, most patients feel feel as if they woke up for a good night's rest even if they did not sleep during the procedure.

3.  A responsible adult will take the patient home and monitor them for rest of the day.  Most patients will not have any residual effect from the medication within 3 hours from leaving our office but this time could be longer in certain individuals.  Most patients will not have any memory of the event while the medication is given.

Whatever the reasons- and regardless of how complex, simple or minimal the dental procedure - we make IV sedation available to any patient who requests it as long as you are fairly healthy.

We are committed to minimizing stress and maximizing safety. We are just as committed to eliminating pain.  Our office is specially trained to accommodate special needs patients.  As you are discharged from our office after your dental treatment, we'll provide you with a prescription for adequate pain control as well.  IV sedation is fabulous for providing moderate level of sedation.